The World of Mundus

Map of Mundus.png

In anticipation of my new fantasy book, The Wild Card (coming February 1st, 2019), I’ll be releasing a series of posts containing background information of the world and the characters. This first post will focus on Mundus, the land in which the story takes place.



            Mundus was founded by a band of mariners in 1 King’s Record (K.R.). These mariners were originally from a land over the sea but left due to a massive famine there. They and their families settled in what is now known as Regnum Quartum and stayed there for over thirty years. More people joined them, and the captains of the Mariners were elected leaders.

In 35 K.R., Valus, the son of a Mariner, led an expedition to the west, discovering what would eventually be Primum and Tértium. They came back eager to settle the new lands, and eventually in 38 K.R. a group of about fifty people complied. They attempted to settle a portion of Primum, but in 40 K.R. a harsh winter destroyed their attempts. They tried again over a decade later, however, and this time it was a success. From there, explorers discovered Quintum and Secundum. These lands, along with Tértium, were settled by 90 K.R.

At first, each settlement was basically its own ruler. But this soon led to quarrels, so a more cohesive form of government was established. Each settlement answered to a specific body of rulers located within a certain square mileage. This worked well and lasted for quite a while.

In about 1010 K.R., however, the government radically changed. Five brothers were chosen to be the kings of the land. They divided the land amongst themselves and ruled peaceably with one another, and their descendants did the same for many years to come.

 Physical Characteristics

            Mundus is a land of diverse geography. Tértium in the west is a botanical kingdom, especially famous for its apples. Primum is the most civilized of the kingdoms, made up mostly of cities nestled among hills. Quartum borders the Aequor Astri, the great sea over which the Mariners came. Secundum is mountainous and is a mining kingdom, also containing a small foresting industry. Finally, Quintum is largely open plains, dealing mainly in crops and sheep.

Political Characteristics

Mundus is a relatively small land, with a population of about 40,000,000. It is split into five different kingdoms: Regnum Primum, Regnum Secundum, Regnum Tértium, Regnum Quartum, and Regnum Quintum. Each kingdom is ruled by a king, with the king of Primum considered the high king. Primum is the largest kingdom, followed by Quartum, then Tértium, Secundum, and finally Quintum.


So, that’s Mundus in a nutshell! Any questions? comments? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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