Regnum Primum

Map of Primum

Kingdom: Regnum Primum

Population: 10,000,000

Capital: Fólium

Rulers: King Iwan and Queen Julieta

Economy: Precious metals, textiles, trade

Symbol: Green cordate leaf

Motto: Libertas et pax (liberty and peace)


Regnum Primum is the political center of Mundus. It is the seat of the high king, as well as the most developed of the five kingdoms. Its capital, Fólium, is the largest city in Mundus, boasting a population of about 1.5 million.



            At the founding of Mundus, the land was all one country. For many years, multiple rulers presided over small sections of the land in order to keep the peace. But in about 1010 K.R. (King’s Record), the government changed. Five brothers were appointed kings over Mundus, each receiving a portion of the land.

Regnum Primum was the piece given to the oldest brother. As the eldest, his brothers respected him as their leader, and the position of high king passed down through the generations. Fólium, the capital, quickly grew into a great cultural center, becoming the only city to contain a university. More cities spread out from Fólium, thus making Primum the most civilized of the kingdoms.


Physical Characteristics

            Primum is bordered by the Flumen Hiems on the east and the Silva Argentum on the west. To the south, the Lacus Hiemis separates the kingdom from Regnum Quintum. Regnum Quartum is directly to the north, and Regnum Tértium and Regnum Secundum are to the west and east, respectively.

Primum is a hilly country, thus having natural barricades to any attacks. The kingdom also holds two large forests, the Silva Argentum and the Silva Spei. Fólium is in the center of the kingdom and easily accessible.


Political Characteristics

            Primum is the largest of the kingdoms with a population of about 10 million. As the first kingdom to be settled during the expansions after the founding of Mundus, it quickly became the most important. Many people migrated there from the first villages in Quartum, and for a long time it was the only other place holding a settlement.

As Fólium is the cultural center of Mundus, its population has grown quickly. Many young people come to the city to attend the university there. Towns appear on average every five years, and cities about every ten.



            Primum is also an extremely important economical kingdom. Their accessible position makes them an easy trading partner, and their exports of metals and textiles are much sought after. This massive trade has made them the richest kingdom, thus enabling them to expand even more.



            Primum is ruled by a king. This position is hereditary, always going to the oldest son. If there is no son, the eldest daughter receives the throne until she marries, at which point her husband becomes the king. If a king dies childless, the throne goes to the nearest male heir, such as a nephew or cousin.

Primum’s king is aided by a council made up of five to seven men. One council member must be the general of the army, and another must be one of the members of the former king’s council. The rest are chosen by the current king. The council members advise the king but have no real power.

Each city in Primum is governed by a mayor who oversees the city and deals with any minor problems that arise. The mayor is elected every ten years by the people of the city and answers directly to the king. The king has the power to remove the mayor if he believes he is acting outside of his assigned duties.


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