Regnum Secundum

Map of Secundum

Picture credit © Arwen Telcontar

Kingdom: Regnum Secundum

Population: 7,000,000

Capital: Adamas

Rulers: King Andrin and Queen Moira

Economy: Gemstones, ore, precious metals, wood

Symbol: Sparkling diamond

Motto: Vires par ferro (strength like iron)



             Secundum was the last portion of Mundus to be founded in its settlement years. Explorers from what is now Regnum Primum discovered the land on one of their eastern treks, and it was settled by about 90 K.R. (King’s Record). When the government changed in about 1010 K.R. and the five brothers were appointed kings over the land, Secundum went to the second brother.

The country’s proximity to the mountains makes it a difficult land to settle, and thus its population has spread slowly. Once miners discovered the land’s rich resources, however, more people began to come. Nevertheless, Secundum is generally considered the most backward and least developed of the kingdoms. 

Physical Characteristics

            The Flumen Hiemis in the west of Secundum separates the kingdom from Regnum Primum. Likewise, the Flumen Argentum to the north marks the border of Regnum Quartum. The eastern border extends just beyond the Montes Lucentes, and the southern border reaches just below them.

Secundum is the only kingdom in Mundus to have mountains. The Montes Lucentes wrap around Adamas, the capital, creating a natural defense. The rest of the country is heavily wooded, with the Silva Solis covering most of the land. 

Political Characteristics

Secundum is the second smallest kingdom, with a population of about 7 million. Its capital, Adamas, holds approximately 500,000 people. Strategically, it is the least important kingdom, holding little military significance. The capital’s secluded position also makes it of little political use. The population has grown slowly, and it is the most sparsely populated kingdom.


            Despite its small population, Secundum has a thriving economy. The mountains hold many precious gems and metals, and the Silva Solis provides an excellent foresting industry. It does not engage in much trade with the other kingdoms, but this has not hampered its economic growth.


            Secundum is ruled by a king or queen. This is a hereditary position, inherited by the oldest child. Secundum is the only kingdom in Mundus that allows a ruling queen. If a ruler dies without an heir, however, the throne always goes to the nearest male relative.

Secundum’s ruler has no official council to help him. He can, however, appoint a chief advisor if he wishes. This advisor aids the king in ruling, dealing with matters the king does not wish to do himself. The advisor may be anyone but is most often the queen (or the king, if there happens to be a ruling queen).

The towns of Secundum are grouped into sections of five, based on geographic location, and are accountable to the city closest to them. Each city has a governor, appointed by the king, who oversees the city and makes annual reports to the king. The governor is either re-appointed or dismissed every five years.


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