Interview–Andrin and Moira

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Good morning (or day… or night…), folks! Welcome back to another interview. Today, we’re talking to King Andrin and Queen Moira, the rulers of Regnum Secundum. Hi, guys!




So Andrin, I understand that you have a unique backstory as to how you ascended to the throne. Would you mind sharing a bit about that?

Well, it’s a little complicated… Basically, um, my mother was in line for the throne of Secundum. Then she married my father, who was the crown prince of Tértium, so the throne went to her only brother… Even though she had younger sisters who were older than the brother. Yeah…. So anyway, her brother never married and thus died childless, and because I was the next available male heir (my older brother being in line for the throne of Tértium), I inherited Secundum.


Wow! That must have been exciting.

Ha ha ha… ha. *clears throat* Not the word I would use.

It was certainly a surprise.


I’m sure it must have been. Were you two already married when that happened?

No, I was only thirteen at the time. That was how we met, though; my family was invited to the coronation.


Nice. So, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Sit quietly by myself, drinking a nice herbal tea.

I love to embroider; the more elaborate, the better. It’s a nice activity, and as a plus, it’s fairly easy to multitask while doing it.


Do you both have siblings?

I’m the youngest of four children. I have two older sisters and a brother (in that order). As I mentioned earlier, my brother is the king of Tértium.

And I am the second of seven. I have an older brother, then two sisters, then two more brothers, then another sister. Needless to say, it was fun growing up.


I can imagine. What’s your favorite food or drink?

Tea. That’s all I have to say.

I’m partial to a casserole made with bread and green vegetables. You can add meat if you want, but I prefer it with just vegetables.


Would you rather go to the past or the future?

Are we allowed to change the past? If so, the past.

The future, I think. It would be interesting to see what’ll happen to everyone.


Which kingdom would you say is the best for a vacation (aside from your own)?

Since Tértium isn’t really my kingdom, I’m going to say Tértium. It’s nice there, and we don’t have to worry about finding accommodations. We can just stay at the palace for free.

I’ve always liked Quartum; the sea is so beautiful. I love Secundum’s mountains, but the water is nice for a change.


Well, thanks for the interview! I’ve enjoyed it!


Get to know the king and queen of Regnum Primum here!




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