Regnum Tértium

Map of Tértium

Kingdom: Regnum Tértium

Population: 8,000,000

Capital: Ilustri

Rulers: King Perrin and Queen Olivia

Economy: Livestock, agriculture

Symbol: Star-flower

Motto: Veritas et sinceritas (truth and sincerity)



            Regnum Tértium was the second-to-last land to be founded. Explorers from what is now Regnum Primum discovered it when they ventured westward in about 73 K.R. (King’s Record), but due to its isolated position from any major cities, it was not settled until about 88 K.R. It has grown quickly, however, and is now the third largest kingdom, only about 500,000 people behind Regnum Quartum.

When the land was split between the five brothers, Tértium went to the third brother. It has established a reputation as a peace-keeping land, often mediating disagreements between the other four kingdoms. Many people enjoy the isolation Tértium and the simple pace it provides, making it the vacation spot of choice.


Physical Characteristics

            Tértium is located on the western edge of Mundus, spanning northward to the Aequor Astri and eastward to just beyond the northern part of the Flumen Sagitta. Regnum Quartum borders the kingdom on the northeast, Regnum Primum on the east, and Regnum Quintum on the southeast. The southern and western borders are marked by unexplored lands that soon meet the sea.

Tértium is a lush, hilly country, ideal for raising sheep and planting fruit trees. It is one of two kingdoms to contain a lake, the other being Quintum. Tértium has a small forest, the Silva Foeda, and also borders the sea. The capital, Ilustri, rests on a large hill in the northern part of the land, easily accessible by the rest of the kingdom.


Political Characteristics

            Tértium is the third largest kingdom in Mundus, with a population of about 8 million. Its fertile land and natural diversity have proven to be magnets for settlers, and many come yearly. Ilustri has a population of about 851,000 people, the number steadily growing.



            Due to its vast natural resources, Tértium has great economic potential. The kingdom deals mostly in agriculture, though lately they have also begun to work in livestock, particularly sheep. Though it ought to be thriving, some unfortunate management by recent kings has crippled the economy, creating a small crisis.



            Tértium is ruled by a hereditary king. The throne always passes to the firstborn male heir. If the heir dies, the position does not go to a younger brother, but rather to his oldest nephew. The same occurs if a king dies without an heir. Succession is never through the maternal line; thus, if a king has only daughters, their children will not receive the throne, but the king’s nephew will.

The king of Tértium is aided by a council of five lords. This position is also hereditary, though it does not necessarily pass to the oldest son. Instead, each current lord will decide, with the advice of the king, which of his sons is the best able to succeed him. If a lord has no sons, but has daughters, one of his grandsons will succeed him. If he has no children, the position will pass to a nephew or cousin. These lords advise the king and have the power to veto any of his decisions that they do not like. This decision must be unanimous, however, and thus does not often occur.

The cities of Tértium are divided into five sections, each governed by one of the five lords. The lords answer directly to the king, who has the power to overrule their judgements if he does not agree with them.



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