Regnum Quartum

Map of Quartum.png

Kingdom: Regnum Quartum

Population: 8,500,000

Capital: Mare

Rulers: King Hadrien and Queen Mireille

Economy: Foreign imports, seafood, spices

Symbol: Water droplet

Motto: Secundae omnibus (prosperity for all)



            When the Mariners first came to Mundus, they landed in what is now Regnum Quartum. For many years, it was the only inhabited portion of the land. When expeditions were made to other places, however, its population began to dwindle. Nevertheless, it is still the second largest kingdom, though rather minor in importance.

Quartum was given to the fourth brother when Mundus was divided. Its kings have a reputation of being rather hot-headed, making the country a constant source of contention among the other kingdoms. Still, peace has always been maintained, and Quartum continues to grow and thrive.


Physical Characteristics

            Quartum is the northernmost kingdom in Mundus. Its northern border is made up entirely by the Aequor Astri. Regnum Secundum lies to the southeast, separated from Quartum by the Flumen Maris, Regnum Primum is to the southwest, and Regnum Tértium is in the west.

Mare, the capital, is located directly on the seashore. The northern part of the country is almost completely beach. Grass begins to grow in large quantities about halfway to the south, covering the rest of the kingdom in lush plains. The climate is warm and pleasant, though the constant wind from the sea can be an annoyance.


Political Characteristics

            Quartum is the second largest kingdom in Mundus, holding a population of about 8,500,000, the capital containing about 901,000 people. It was the first part of Mundus to be founded, and Mare was the original capital of Mundus. Over the years, however, the country has lost its prestige to Primum. Nevertheless, as a port city Mare receives many foreign visitors, and the population of the country still continues to grow.



            Due to its position on the seashore, many foreign imports come into Quartum, which are then shipped across Mundus. This is the main portion of its economy and a staple for the rest of the land. Quartum also runs a thriving fishing industry, as well as several spice mines. It is the second wealthiest kingdom, following only Primum.



            Quartum is ruled by a king. The position is hereditary, always passing to the oldest child. If the oldest is a daughter, she may rule on her own until she marries, at which time she becomes a joint ruler with her husband. If a ruler dies childless, the throne usually goes to the closest relative, male or female. The king may, however, appoint a specific relative to the throne if he wishes. But as it is a rather complicated process and could result in familial strife, this is rarely done.

The cities of Quartum are officially overseen by the king’s children. This position, though, is in name only, and in reality, the king appoints a steward for every five cities. Each steward reports directly to the king, and the prince or princess technically in charge has very little power over his or her cities. They are mainly given the position in order to learn a bit about ruling.

The stewards also make up the king’s council. When the king must be away, he chooses one of his stewards to rule in his place. The others carefully observe him and report on his actions when the king returns. A badly performing steward will be replaced.



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