Poll–Which Kingdom, Which Rulers?

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Well, last week marked the completion of the series of background information for The Wild Card, coming February 1st, 2019! I hope y’all enjoyed the series as much as I have. Now, it’s time for some audience participation—let’s have a poll!



  1. Which kingdom would you most like to live in?
  2. Which rulers would you like to have?
  3. Which kingdom would you least like to live in?
  4. Which rulers would you not like to have?


As a refresher, here are the posts concerning the five kingdoms:

  1. Primum
  2. Secundum
  3. Tértium
  4. Quartum
  5. Quintum


And here are the interviews with the rulers of each kingdom:

  1. Iwan and Julieta
  2. Andrin and Moira
  3. Perrin and Olivia
  4. Hadrien and Mireille
  5. Lómeli and Felicienne


Comment your answers below, and I’ll present the results next week!


8 thoughts on “Poll–Which Kingdom, Which Rulers?

  1. Secundum.
    Perrin and Olivia.
    Well, probably Quartum, because of the beaches. I don’t like sand.
    Lómeli and Felicienne.


  2. Live in: Secundum
    Ruled by: Andrin and Moira
    Not live in: Primum
    Not ruled by: Lómeli (I’d be fine with Felicienne, though)


  3. I like mountains, and I don’t like the sea…so I’ll go with Secundum and Quartum.
    Rulers–I like Hadrien. Lomeli comes in last.


  4. I don’t like Lómeli and I don’t like beaches, so if wasn’t for the beaches in Quartum, I would probably like it more. But, as it is, there are beaches so I it’s my least favorite. Secundum has mountains, and I love mountains. Finally, Perrin seems like a nice guy.


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