Poll Results!

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The poll results are in! And very enlightening results they are, too. There was a unanimous consensus on the favorite kingdom, as well as on the least favorite rulers. Things got a little more interesting, however, when it came to the favorite rulers and least favorite kingdoms. Curious? Read on!


Favorite Kingdoms

Favorite Kingdom

Secundum stole the show with a slam dunk. I suppose that’s a good thing, seeing as the majority of The Wild Card takes place in Secundum.


Favorite Rulers

Favorite Rulers

The popularity of the rulers was a bit split among the participants. The majority agreed that Perrin and Olivia would be great rulers, although 25% thought Hadrien an interesting character and another 25% found Andrin to be amusing. The rulers of Primum and Quintum failed to garner even one vote.


Least Favorite Kingdoms

Least Favorite Kingdom

            Again, the voters lacked harmony when it came to deciding where not to go on vacation. Although most agreed that Quartum was the least favorable of the five kingdoms, 25% found Primum unsuitable. I suppose beaches and cities just aren’t appealing.


Least Favorite Rulers

Least Favorite Rulers

            Finally, one unfortunate set of rulers received all the flak from our voters. 100% of participants wholeheartedly agreed that the worst rulers would be Lómeli and Felicienne. Sorry, fellas. (Two participants did note, however, that it was only Lómeli that they disliked. Felicienne by herself would be fine.)


So, there you have it! Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll; I greatly appreciate it!

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