The Story through Art

Well, The Wild Card has now been published for a little more than a month! *applauds* *cheers* *dances* In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought it would be fun to give all of you a little sneak peek of the book… only in art form. Below are five, randomly-chosen scenes from The Wild Card, arranged in no particular order. Enjoy!



The Dragon.png

That poor guy on the left looks terrified. And the dragon looks hungry…


The Hand.png

Well, ahem… A hand. Holding a… what is that, exactly? And why is this important?


In Jail.png

Ah, the poor damsel in distress. Someone needs to save her!


Argentum and the Dragon.png

Ooh, look, another dragon! Only this one looks sad. Fascinating…



They’re clearly talking about something serious. Whatever could it be?



If you’re dying of curiosity by now, worry not! Buy The Wild Card here and uncover the meaning of these mysterious illustrations!

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