The Wild Card–50% Off! (Happy Birthday, Perrin!)

50% Discount.png

We interrupt our regular broadcast to bring you this special message from Mundus.


            Greetings, everyone! My name is Perrin, and I’m the king of Regnum Tértium. You may remember me from this interview that was conducted several months ago. I’m glad to be on this blog again, because today is a very special occasion for me. Namely, it’s my birthday! I’m quite honored to have the opportunity to share this day with all of you fine people. In token of my gratitude, I have a small gift for all of you.

Some time ago, Miss A. G. Putnam documented an episode in the history of Mundus in a book entitled The Wild Card. This book has been available for purchase for just over two months now on a wonderful web site (I believe that’s the proper term) called “Amazon”. I hope all of you get a chance to read this book; the events recounted in it are some of the finest in our history. But perhaps the price is an issue? Well then, hopefully my gift today will be beneficial. For three days—April 17th to April 19th—the digital version of The Wild Card will be on sale for only $1.99. That’s 50% off! Simply click on this link here to make your purchase.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday. Now that I’ve given my announcement, feel free to join the birthday banquet! The food is splendid, I promise. Afterwards, please consider reading The Wild Card; I can assure you it is quite the adventure!


Perrin Tértii DeLeono, King of Regnum Tértium, third kingdom of Mundus


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