Writing Update

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Greetings, faithful followers! I have an exciting announcement to make! (Or at least, I find it exciting, and I greatly hope you feel the same.) But what is this announcement, you ask? What can possibly be so exciting that I feel the need to inform you? Well… *cue drumroll*

I have officially finished the first draft of my newest book, The King’s Vow! 😀

As most of you know, I recently published The Wild Card, the first book in a new fantasy series known as The Mundus Trilogy. This latest book is the second in this series, and it takes the adventure to a whole new level! I’ve had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you all have just as much fun reading it in the near future.


            Here’s a synopsis:

An old enemy… A quest for vengeance… A vow that cannot be broken…

Mundus is in dire circumstances. The dragon’s evil is spreading, and his followers are nowhere to be found. The kings attempt to strengthen their kingdoms, but a new adversary has arrived, seeking revenge for an old grievance. The kings’ lives are in peril, and as dangers mount quickly, saving Mundus has never seemed so hopeless.


            Edits for the book are scheduled to begin next month, and I’m planning to publish the book in early February. In the meantime, here are some statistics from the first draft:

Total Writing Time: About four months

Page Count: 145 pages (on Microsoft Word)

Total Word Count: 58,780

Chapter Count: 12 (including a prologue)


And here are some fun tidbits:

Longest Chapter: Chapter VI

Shortest Chapter: Chapter XI

Word That Reached the Word Goal: “awry”


And here’s a cover I whipped up for the fun of it. (Don’t worry; the real cover will be much better. ;-))

The King's Vow Working Cover.png

Are you excited about this new book? What kinds of things would you like to know about the story? I’m looking forward to sharing it with y’all!

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