The Mundus Trilogy

This is a Christian fantasy series about a world of five kingdoms. Reminiscent of Narnia and Lord of the Rings, it’s a great adventure for anyone!

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Book 1: The Wild Card

An urgent mission… A world in peril… A dragon waiting to arise…

The five kingdoms of Mundus have been at peace for hundreds of years. But now, rumors are spreading that the great dragon, the mortal enemy of the land, is stirring. The five kings launch a desperate mission to Mons Draconis, hoping to end this threat. But their quest seems all but impossible.


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Book 2: The King’s Vow

An old enemy… A quest for vengeance… A vow that cannot be broken…

Mundus is in dire circumstances. The dragon’s evil is spreading, and his followers are nowhere to be found. The kings attempt to strengthen their kingdoms, but a new adversary has arrived, seeking revenge for an old grievance. The kings’ lives are in peril, and as dangers mount quickly, saving Mundus has never seemed so hopeless.